About Attik

About Attik

Attik Property Services operates across Norfolk and Suffolk. We are an estate agent with a difference. We believe you deserve to have a company to turn to that will be empathetic, respond quickly, that you can trust and ultimately will work to get you the very best price possible for your assets.

As an agency we keep our stock levels low so that we can remain customer facing and do what we are passionate about. We market and sell all residential properties, and specialise in selling properties that have found themselves frustratingly stuck on the market or homes where a loved one has gone into care or passed on. At Attik we look to ease some of the stress and the emotional trauma, and help you raise the maximum value for the assets you have been left, so you can cover these costs and then if possible be left with something for yourselves and the family.

Our Attik team formula has a proven track record of achieving a higher price for vendors and seeing formerly unsold properties through to completion.

The bespoke services we offer can be booked standalone or as a package:

  • Property Clearance
  • Property Maintenance - Internal and External
  • Sale of your property
  • Valuations
  • Home staging

My partner and I pride ourselves on being Estate Agents with a difference, compassionate, who think outside the box and our combined skill set, training and qualifications ensure the highest levels of personalised service.

We offer a free initial consultation regarding any of the above services. If you have a residential property to sell call us at Attik for a free valuation now.
Katie and Mike, Attik Property Service

Our Background

Our Background

So a little bit about us...

We are a passionate, experienced team of individuals that form an empathetic but focussed team… our focus always remaining the same, to support you to get the best possible price for your assets.

As we offer such a wide spectrum of services we have an eclectic team ( that is probably the most polite way to put it ) We have full time team members and also preferred suppliers and industry specialists who are delighted to work with us when the need arises.

Our team memmbers include to name a few:

  • Fully qualified, experienced Estate Agent and Property Valuers
  • Maintenance and Building contractors
  • Waste disposal team
  • Antique and collectable valuers and dealers
  • Registered Chartered Surveyors
  • Cleaners
  • Professional photographers
Our Expertise

Our Expertise

The Attik team are a collective of individuals who are passionate about all areas of property and realise there is a gap in the market for a company that encompasses all of the services required for selling a property and its contents once the owner has passed away or gone into full time care.

As we only have experienced and qualified team members you can rest assured that whichever service you call upon for help you will be dealing with an experts in that field.

If one of our team members is not experienced in a task that is required, for example removing asbestos from a property, valuing a rare antique or a carrying out a drainage survey then we will call in an expert in the field from our external preferred supplier team.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our promise to our customers is quite simple: we are committed to helping you achieve the best possible price for your assets and through having one point of contact making the process and your experience as stress free as possible.