What Is Attik’s Approach to a House Clearance?


What Is Attik’s Approach to a House Clearance?

A Compassionate Approach to House Clearance Norfolk

Over our lives, we accumulate mountains of stuff. Furniture, clothes, you name it. We’ve got it at home taking up space. The same is true for most people. After all, homes are meant to be full of memories and belongings. But what happens when you’re faced with a situation where somebody has passed away or go into care? Often, their home will still be full of belongings. It’s hard enough to clear a home when the items are yours, but when you’re tasked with clearing a home that belongs to a friend or relative, it can be even more difficult. Deciding what to part with, what to sell or what to keep can be a tough and emotional decision. The task of clearing someone’s home and life-long possessions can be overwhelming, daunting and very emotional.

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Our speciality at Attik is helping families who have lost their loved one or where their loved one has gone into care. Specifically, those who have been left to organise the clearance and sale of the estate. The experienced team at Attik will be mindful of your feelings and will help you create some order, and a system to sort through, organise, and clear the belongings. If the property is being cleared to prepare for sale, we will assist you in the clearance, staging and sale of the property. This process helps you as the vendor get the best price possible, with the least amount of stress possible.  If you already have an estate agent in mind, we are happy to clear the property or clear and stage the property for your appointed agent.

What happens to the belongings once cleared? Once you have taken the items you wish to keep, the rest will be responsibly and ethically cleared by the Attik team and upcycled, recycled and donated to charity where possible. We will donate to your chosen charity where we can. For waste items or items that are beyond repair, we have licensed waste carriers and will dispose of these effects appropriately. Unique or vintage items can be sold in our shop, Attik & Seller. We split the proceeds of all items sold in our shop with the beneficiaries of the estate. During the clearance process, experts will be called upon if high-value items are discovered. Supporting the family of the deceased or those in care is at the forefront of our mind at all times. Our aim is to get you the best price possible for all items you choose to part with.

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As well as a full house clearance, we also offer partial house clearance. If you’re looking to make some space and get rid of a few items before you move home, this could be the option for you. So, how can we help you? If you’re in need of a de-clutter; unwanted furniture, clothing, or white goods, our team can remove them, dispose of them, recycle them, or sell them. If your property has been absconded by a tenant, leaving unwanted items, we can take them and relieve you of the stress.

Our compassionate approach is clearly noticeable when our professional team undertake house clearances. Whether you’re tasked with clearing the home of a loved one or simply having a clear out, we understand the memories and nostalgia that can be attached to items. As opposed to clearing everything from the home, charging you a fixed price, and dumping everything, we work alongside the family to carefully select the items for resale, recycling and disposal. This way, you can be sure those hard to part with items are going to a good home and earn money for items you choose to sell.