Is Your Property Ready for Sale?


Is Your Property Ready for Sale?

As Summer Comes To an End, Is Your Property Ready for Sale?

Summer is nearing its end, which probably means all those things you’ve been putting off are coming back around. The kids are back to school soon, which means a huge clean will be needed, the garden will probably need tending to, and there’s definitely going to be clutter to get rid of. If your house is on the market, it’s important you take the time now to get the house looking tip-top. September brings a rush to the housing market, and your property needs to be looking its best. Here are our tips for getting your property ready for sale.

Firstly, de-clutter. Clutter can make cleaning, and stagingĀ a property difficult. Potential viewers of your home can get hung up on personal effects around your home, and then find it difficult to imagine the house with their own belongings or furniture. We offer full or partial house clearances. Partial house clearances are ideal for getting rid of unnecessary clutter around the house. Getting rid of these items can also make it far easier for when you come to move, as there’s less to pack up and take to your new home. When the clutter is gone, that means the cleaning can begin! If you’ve had kids at home making pasta necklaces or play doh figures all summer, this step is a must.

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Next up, clean your home. And we don’t just mean hoovering. Cleaning the house properly including the windows, skirting boards and carpets can really help make a difference when potential buyers view your home. Not only will the house look better aesthetically, but if you’ve had pets in the house while you’ve been living there, it can also remove any pet smells that future owners wouldn’t want. Any aspects of home maintenance you’ve been putting off should be undertaken, and we can help! Our team can assist with anything, whether that’s painting the bannister or getting new carpets fitted if they are damaged. These repairs and renovations can help increase the value of your house, and crucially, help with the marketing of the property.

The final step in making sure your home is ready for sale is staging. Staging your property means taking away all the personal items and creating a “show home” feel. You are selling a lifestyle, so creating a nice blank canvas for potential buyers to imagine as their own can really help. Using our bank of stock furniture, we can showcase your home in its best light. All these little things are what sets Attik apart, and what helps get your property ready for sale.

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If you’re really looking to give viewers the wow factor, don’t forget the impact of kerb appeal. A freshly painted door, well tended to front gardens and clean windows can all make an impact. Another thing to consider is the rear garden. Allocate some time to your garden and ensure the lawn is mowed, hedges are trimmed and everything is looking neat. Put the kid’s toys strewn over the grass in either the garage or the shed!

Finally, if your home has been on the market for a while and it still hasn’t sold. Why not switch agent? Here at Attik, we have experience selling those homes that have been stuck on the market for an extended period of time. Our unique approach to preparing and marketing your home really makes the difference. By staging your home and taking high-quality photos of your home in the best way, your home is more likely to sell.