Home Staging and Preparation for Sale

Time and time again when we are researching properties on the major website portals we are aghast at the condition of the properties and the lack of effort taken to prepare to property for marketing and sale.

Katie Mamo, our director when working for other agents, often found when carrying out viewings, on properties where the home owner had passed away or gone into care that the viewer would become more interested in the contents and the previous inhabitants of the property. Katie feels passionately that this often caused the viewing to be less effective and often lead to the property towards an investor market.

This led Katie to come up with a formula for a more effective sale and that is to clear it, clean it, stage it, sell it. We will work with you to remove personal effects and clutter, clean the property and then and use existing or our stock furniture to showcase the property throughout the marketing and the viewings in the best light. We are selling a lifestyle and we have a matter of seconds to grab the attention of your potential buyer whilst they are scrolling through the portals.

As well as staging we can also carry out maintenance works, whereby there are available funds. We will advise on if an outlay will help increase the property value or if the property is best left in its current state and simply stages effectively.

If you have instructed an agent and they have been unsuccessful in selling your property then we would ask you to take your property off the market, carry out the elements necessary of our formula and then re-launch your property for a successful sale. This formula and approach is proven to work and we have the case studies to prove it.

We are happy to work alongside agents and we will clear, clean and stage your property and pass it to them to sell with pleasure of you have an existing relationship with an agent.

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