House Clearance

The team at Attik understands that if you have lost a loved one or your loved one has gone into full time care or you have been entrusted by someone that does not have loved ones able to, the task of clearing someone's home and life-long possessions can be overwhelming, daunting and very emotional.

The experienced team at Attik will be mindful of your feelings and will help you create some order and a system to sort through, organise and clear the belongings.

During the clearance process experts will be called upon if high value items are discovered.

Once you have taken the items you wish to keep, the rest will be responsibility and ethically cleared by the Attik team and upcycled, recycled and donated to charity where possible. We will donate to your chosen charity where possible.

For the items that are beyond repair and for waste items we have licensed waste carriers and will dispose of these effects appropriately.

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