Maintenance & Repair

As part of our commitment to achieve you the best possible price for your property be it for sale or in rental income we may advise repair and renovation works before marketing commences and a maintenance programme during marketing or once your property has been tenanted.

The condition of your property is all part of your property staging. If you are looking to attract an investor for a quick sale we would usually advise to leave the property as it is. If you are looking to achieve the best price then we will advise on repairs and maintenance when necessary.

A simple lick of paint and new carpets can increase your property’s value by thousands of pounds in some cases.

We will advise you when it is a good idea to leave the property or carry out the works.

Property maintenance and home staging often go hand in hand. Once we have prepared your property for marketing and sale we may suggest a maintenance programme both internally and externally depending on the time of the year and how quickly we imagine the sale to take. There is nothing worse than turning up for a viewing and the grass is over kept, there is mail piled up behind the door and cobwebs in the corners of the room. The small details matter.

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